Riga, Strēlnieku street.

“We want the space as an art object, so that it does not look like any other project” – this was the first technical task from our clients. In the process, we learned that the customers are avid moviegoers. It was from this that our journey of creating this extraordinary interior began.

Apartment 110m2 divided into 2 wings. The majority of the space is devoted to the living room, which includes a home cinema, dining room, workplace and kitchen with an island, as well as a central exit to a spacious terrace overlooking the big city. The second private recreation area, where the nursery, guest bathroom and master bedroom and master bathroom are located.

The leading materials of the representative area are concrete, ferrous metal, built-in track light on a magnetic base, solid wood, oxidized metal and stainless steel. In the TV zone, light graphics with an image from the movie “Alien vs. Predator”.

The nursery is designed so that during the growth of the child, all the furniture is relevant to him. Natural colors supported by drawings with the inhabitants of the wild jungle. The ceiling is sky blue, illuminated by the starry sky at night, which is made of fiberglass.

The guest bathroom is made of stone mass tiles in sandy shades. For sharper accents, black plumbing, a sink made of oxidized steel, a gray stone mass bathtub, a drain button with red sensors are added.

Cinema is a fundamental place for inspiration in this project. The main accent in the bedroom is the panel “Hypersleep Chamber” from the movie “Alien”. A textured tempered mirror wall was added to expand the space. Everywhere there is a built-in magnetic light, and in contrast, a soft blackout curtain for a sound sleep of customers.

The guest-children’s bathroom is made of stone mass tiles of sandy shades. For sharper accents, black plumbing, an oxidized steel sink, and a gray stone mass bathtub have been added. Functionality adds a huge mirror cabinet in a hidden niche. Drain button with red sensors.

Full control over the space is regulated by the smart home system, based on the innovative Biticino touch switch system, including also the Alexa voice assistant.