AIZKULISES is not just a fashionable development project near the center of Riga. This housing with a well-thought-out atmosphere that is felt throughout.

The facade of the AIZKULISES project is a visual metaphor for a real curtain, and its drawing can be seen on the curtain of the Riga Opera.

Behind the scenes all the fun happens: the atmosphere of creativity reigns there. It seems to us that this project is able to inspire you to new achievements. And we know exactly why …

From the windows of the building offers amazing views of the business center and the park. The building is equipped with three noiseless elevators, modern utilities, integrated security systems – video surveillance and fire alarms. An additional comfort zone is a fenced and landscaped courtyard for walking with children. On the ground floor of the building are commercial premises. From the second to the seventh floor – apartments. And on the upper floors, exclusive two-level apartments are designed. Each apartment has a balcony or terrace. An underground parking space is provided for each family in the underground and / or surface parking lot.