Since 1987, four restoration and reconstruction projects of the building on Elizabetes Street 3 had been developed, but only the latter one, created under the guidance of architect Mārtinš Batrags was destined to be implemented. Reconstruction works completed in 2013, returned to the building its historical appearance and the original purpose. The purpose of the project was to restore the facade, main staircase and main entrance to its original, historical appearance. Almost all the details of facade survived, which simplified the restoration work. The atmosphere, which emanates antique aristocracy, has been brought back to the interior of Elizabeth with great care. The foundational elements used in the interior are the black Italian marble, plenty of mirrors and high-lustered surfaces, which expand the space visually, thus bestowing a modern form upon the luxurious trim. On a ground floor there are a gym, storerooms for sports equipment and parking space for nine cars. A beautiful front garden with roses is landscaped in front of the building. An inner courtyard has potted plants, benches, as well as bicycle parking. Concierge-service will take care of all needs of Elizabeth residents related to home and lifestyle organizing.