Latvia is an exceptional country. Like a true lady it is multidimensional and mysterious, friendly and openhearted, luxurious and shy at the same time. And, despite its long history, it remains modern.

The heart of Latvia is its capital – beautiful Riga that fascinates and always astonishes with its diversity. The “pearl” of Latvia is the resort town of Jurmala, which invites you to enjoy the sun, feel the warmth of the golden sand and refresh in the waves of the Baltic Sea. Gourmets can discover “other” Latvia, by tasting it.

For those to whom Latvia has become a second home, we offer primary properties in new real-estate projects in Riga and Jurmala. Acquisition of real estate in Latvia also gives you the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in this country and move freely throughout the European Union.

LATVIA – it is…

Latvia can be really proud of its architecture – from Medieval period to Modernism, from magnificent Baroque up to glazed postmodern buildings, as well as wooden architecture that has been there for centuries. Riga city, Rundales castle, Daugavpils fortress and many other objects that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Latvia’s coast line lies around the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic sea. Soft and white sand, pine forest, infinite dunes are the integral part of Latvia’s nature. Jurmala – resort town which is 33 km long, just by the sea. It is city of relaxation from the noise and bustle of the capital; it’s the city where one can be alone with the sea!

Endless meadows, dense forests, rivers arcs, lake edges, endless swamps, clay mountains – that’s Latvia’s landscape. Nature is an integral part of country’s inhabitants. Nature – that’s Latvia’s wealth.

The taste of Latvia’s cuisine represents the multinationalism of the country. People here value both – high and home-made cuisine from different countries. The taste of local cheese, meat products, beer and wine will return you to Medieval Period.

Marathon, orientation in the forest or adventure competition – these are just a few types of active recreation possibilities that one can experience in Latvia. Parks are just like made for running in summer or skiing in winter. Richness of the water resources allows trying different water sports. For those who love technical sports – airplanes, paragliders, hang gliders, balloons and many other options!

Those who value peaceful way of spending time can visit museums, theaters, opera or go shopping. Every month there are different events happening in Latvia – Sherlock Holmes day, bicycle ride on retro bikes, light festival Staro Rīga, Museum night, concerts, different fairs, nightlife and other things. Latvia loves to celebrate therefore Riga city celebration, Dance and Song festival, New Year and Midsummer (Līgo) celebrations are celebrated with greatness.

Latvia’s soul – song and dynamic cultural life. National opera hosts many world-class artists. Every 5 years it is possible see 40 000 dancers and singers on one stage in the Song and Dance celebration.

Time can’t be bought for money, but Latvia is worth every moment spent. The distance between the cities is reasonable. All business and diplomatic companies are located in the compact Riga city centre. Therefore, it is possible to deal with everything while having lunch or dinner. However, when it’s necessary to stop the time, walk by the sea or in the forest is exactly what’s necessary.

Parks, castles, palaces, fountains, sunsets – just like decorations to the old movie. Old trams, narrow streets, embankment, endless meadows, sea… Romance is everywhere in Latvia!

Those who live in Latvia are incredibly happy people, as they can feel all 4 seasons that divide year evenly – there are no long winters or autumns. As Latvia is located in Southeast Europe, climate is milder than for countries in the North. This allows to appreciate summer by the sea fully.

Latvia’s inhabitants are very friendly people – here guest goes home well fed and satisfied! Similarly, as in other Northern nations, withholding is appreciated, however, during celebrations or when beloved hockey team is playing emotions are not hidden.