The concept was created by Andris Kronbergs, who has succeeded in joining the existing Mežaparks neighbourhood with modern design and comfort. The concept includes the creation of exclusive villas, twin-villas, row houses, and premium apartments in low rise buildings. It is also possible to purchase lots for building your own villa. Special attention has been paid to the development of the park territory – infrastructure and greening.

Mežaparka Rezidences are located in a place that successfully combines all necessities for modern life. The neighbourhood of Mežaparks is desired by people who require the highest level of quality in their lifestyles. Mežaparks offers everything – peace and quiet, harmony with nature, sports and culture activities – and the nearby bustle of the city makes this truly a dream location. Riga, located near the Baltic Sea, is special with its growth, business opportunities, and active culture scene. Riga Airport offers the best connections in the Baltics for travel to other destinations in Europe. All these opportunities are just a short drive from Mežaparka Rezidences

The quiet and elegant Mezaparks has been considered the most prestigious residential area in Riga for decades. The first development of Mezaparks or Ķeizarmežs area started in the early 20th century, when the center of Riga was densely populated. Then, surrounded by pine trees, lakes, preserving the natural environment and terrain of this place, Mezaparks residential area began to take shape. Even today Mezaparks is an exclusive residential area of Riga that offers a unique harmony between nature and the urban environment.