The project at 39 Hospitāļu Street is located in the historic centre of the Riga City, in the block amidst Kareivju, Hospitāļu and Ierēdņu Streets. The quiet and prestige area is situated within a walking distance from the active city centre and the Old City cafes, restaurants, theatre and cinema. A new six-storey dwelling house has been erected with 67 apartments in total. In the new project modern, quality and comfortable apartments of one, two, three and four rooms are available of the area from 35 m 2 to 99m2. On the facade of Hospitāļu Street, each apartment has been projected with a French balcony; on the in-yard facade – balconies. In the yard of the building there are 9 over-ground parking lots arranged and there 24 underground parking lots on the zoccolo floor of the building thereby there are six over-ground floors projected. In the building, there are two stairways with an entrance both from Hospitāļu Street and from the yard. The homes are being offered with a full interior decoration. The territory is well lightened and greened; also a play-ground has been arranged.