Parker’s is a 5-building ensemble which consists of 4 reconstructed wooden buildings for offices and a central newly built apartment house in the yard. Architects have created this building ensemble unifying UNESCO wooden architecture heritage with modern technologies and everyday life. The bow of the building ensemble is leaned by different character, outlook wooden building masterpieces created in 19th century, which serve the fast pace of nowadays. On the other hand, there is 7-floor newly built PARKER’s house with noble black colour material choice for the facade and entrance to the portals, as well as excellent panorama view to the city, 4 fully renovated wooden buil dings that can serve for offices and commercial functions. The constructive elements of buildings and facades are built from cedar tree – reconstruction has even more highlighted the uniqueness of the wooden architecture.

Further building solutions will be adjusted to the demands of next tenants, respecting the wooden heritage.

Historical breath will be maintained in the interior, materials in design solutions will be chosen respecting the masterpieces of this wooden architecture UNESCO heritage.

In total 68 apartments are available with 34 m2 to 150 m2 area with wide terraces. There are 32 underground and 26 overground parking places.