A complex of residential houses is planned built on Ķīpsala (Riga, Latvia) comprising six buildings. In 2015, construction of the first three-storey building of 10 apartments was started, building was commissioned and is now ready for moving in. The new project incorporates modern, high-quality and comfortable two-, three-, four- and five-room apartments of areas from from 56.1 m2 to 143.6 m2 with large terraces or balconies. Apartments are offered with a white/full finish. The building includes underground parking spaces, as well as parking places in the yard. In the basement, two small storage rooms for personal belongings are planned. The territory is arranged with landscaped green spaces, as well as a playground for children. For additional pay the apartment owners are offered parking spaces and storage for the personal belongings. FACILITIES The territory is facilitated – paved roads, groups of greenery of plantations of various new trees, decorative plants and bushes, a children play-ground where the play gears will be placed for children on age 1 – 10 years.