You can rely on us in finding the right property and interior decoration. Our partners are the most recent and highest quality real estate projects in Latvia, as well as various leading interior item manufacturers.

1. New apartments selection:

1.1. The selection of apartments taking into account the wishes of the customer;

1.2. Tour with the customer for the selected apartments and visual inspection of the apartments in the presence of the customer;

1.3. Analysis of selected apartments (advantages and disadvantages, comparison of apartments);

1.4. Legal assistance in purchasing apartments.

2. Interior decoration:

2.1. Development of the sketch and technical design of the interior;

2.2. Repair works + author supervision;

2.3. Delivery of interior items (delivery to the door + assembly on site);

2.4. Preparation of apartments for settlement (cleaning, decorating with accessories, supply of household items).

Choosing real estate, the client understands that every developer is interested in selling his own property. Therefore, often the client needs the opinion of independent experts, who in turn will help him make the right choice. That’s why an independent consultant [FULLHOUSE team] will make a selection among several projects, and will give the best options that are more suitable to the client. Search for real estate is based on client’s personal priorities like location, square footage, presence of fixtures, altitude, etc. When choosing real estate, the future furnishing should also be considered. For this reason, it is necessary to delegate these tasks to professionals with big vast experience.

The selection of real estate includes not only finding a home for the soul, but also negotiating with the developer to find a compromise and the most profitable solution for the client.

Interior design can be compared to any other professional industry, where one can find specialists who can achieve goals with ease and precision. Interior designer [FULLHOUSE team] can see the whole picture of your project, designer will act with your best interest at heart, not like furniture seller who is not worried about ceiling joints with moulding, tile seams, or matching facade color among other things. This way each supplier will offer something based on his own style sense and experience, and there will be no sense of unity among the interior details. The main goal of interior designer is to create harmony in your house.

It is impossible to imagine symphonic orchestra without a conductor, the same is the case with creating harmonious living space, if it had been touched by true professional interior designer.