Multifunctional building complex Z-Towers – two round residential towers, joined by a podium in the base area, 30 stories high each. The height of the towers: South 123 m, North 117 m. The Towers hold a total of 336 apartments, 10 000 square meters of class A office space, parking spaces for up to 700 cars and more than 4000 square meters of Fitness and SPA.

The Z-Towers complex is a combination of two seemingly incompatible things. On the one hand, apartment owners have a view over Riga: ancient, yet ever young, with its historical centre and life that never stops for a minute. On the other hand, comfort and quiet life in the countryside. When certain weather conditions occur, the residents of the complex can “try on” feeling “flying in the clouds” and “dance with snowflakes.” That is what makes it truly unique.